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Open registration for season 2018

Welcome to the online camper registration form for Camp Transfiguration! This form will allow you to create an account for your child(ren) and use it again for the upcoming years.


In order to secure a spot for your child(ren) we will need to receive all four (4) items listed below:

  1. Fully-completed ONLINE Registration Form
  2. Completed ONLINE Camper Medical Form, for each child
  3. Non-refundable deposit of CA$150.00 per child, at time of initial registration
  4. Balance of camper fee, for each child, paid by July 31st 2018.

*** DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: July 31st 2018 ***

Once we receive all 4 items you will receive a confirmation e-mail that your child(ren)’s spot is secured, and a link to download the Camper/Parent Booklet to assist you and your child in the preparation for camp.

Camper Fee

For those attending only one session, the camper fee will be CA$465.00. For campers attending both sessions, the fee will be CA$850.00. An early-bird registration discount of CA$25.00 will be applied to all complete applications (i.e. all 4 four items above) received prior to July 1st 2018.

The fee structure (per camper) is thus as follows:

Attending one session:

- Fee if complete before July 1st 2018: $440
- Fee if complete after July 1st 2018: $465

Attending both sessions:

- Fee if complete before July 1st 2018: $825
- Fee if complete after July 1st 2018: $850

Camp tuition includes: a souvenir video for every family registered, an all-camp photo and a unique cabin photo to every registered camper, and fees for the Gimme shop. The souvenir video, photos and Gimme shop have $40 value. The 4"x6" photos will be sent home with your child and once the souvenir video is available, you will be receiving an e-mail with a link to download.


We appreciate prompt notification if a camper must cancel. Cancellations before July 31st, will receive a full refund less the deposit. For those after July 31st, refunds of tuition payments may be requested in writing and will only be granted if a replacement for the open spot is found, except in cases of family emergency.


If needed, you may request scholarship online. Your local priest will inform you for scholarship details.

Cabin Assignments

Campers are grouped according to age and gender. Every effort will be made to properly match campers with a compatible group taking into consideration spoken language and birth date that are near to the camp date.


All campers are expected to act in ways appropriate to an Orthodox Christian setting. While disciplinary action will be taken to attempt resolution on site, the Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss campers for gross violations of camp rules. Parents will be responsible for arranging and covering costs for their child’s early departure.

Camp Activities

Life at camp takes full advantage of our outdoor setting. Activities include: swimming, canoeing, diving, peddle boating, kayaking, sailing, water tubing, fishing, water trampoline, pontoon boat rides, motor boat rides, football, baseball, indoor skating, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, floor hockey, hiking, arts & crafts, mountain hiking and overnight camping.

Camp Location

Camp Wingate is located in Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, Québec. Camp is located 2 hours east of Ottawa, 1 hour west of Montreal, 3 hours and a half east of Kingston, and 6 hours east of Toronto. The camp address and directions can be found in the Parent Information Booklet that can be downloaded from the camp website and that will be provide by e-mail upon registration confirmation.

Counselors-in-Training (CITs)

Campers who are 18 years of age by December 31st 2018 may apply to be selected as Counselors-in-Training. CIT applicants should not use this form, but should instead fill out the CIT Application. If you are 18 years old by December 31st 2018, and applying as a CIT, you may also apply as a camper, in case you are not selected as a CIT. However, we do encourage you to return the camper application as soon as possible, as campers are selected on a first come first serve basis.

Dress Code

While camping is of its nature informal, Christian modesty should be your guiding principle when packing. Excessively revealing clothing should not be packed as inappropriate clothing will not be permitted to be worn. Inappropriate clothing includes, but is not limited to: open back tops (including racer-razor backs), low-cut fronts, skin tight clothing, half shirts, leggings, two-piece bathing suits (or one-piece suits with cut outs), tank tops with less than two finger-width straps, shorts cut shorter than a few inches above the knee, low-cut waistlines, clothing bearing inappropriate logos, sayings or advertising, and tank-top undershirts. No more than two pairs of earrings (worn only in ears) are permitted for girls, none for guys. Excess earrings and other body piercings must be removed prior to admittance to camp. Tattoos must be covered at all times while at camp. Sagging pants and exposed underwear are a no-no as well. We ask that all attire be a sign of respect for one’s own self and everyone else in the community. Because of our outdoor setting with uneven terrain, tree roots, etc, backless shoes (flip-flops, etc.), open-toe shoes (most sandals), and high heels are not safe and should not be packed and worn at camp. Athletic shoes must be worn during Afternoon Program. Dress for daily church services is casual but long pants and covered shoulders are required. For Divine Liturgies, celebrated twice each session, boys are expected to wear a collared shirt (tie preferred) and nice pants other than jeans, and girls should wear a dress or skirt and blouse, with skirt length at least knee-length or longer.

Start registration for Camp 2018

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Privacy & Policy Statement

This form must be filled out by parents/guardians of minors. The information on this form is not part of the camper acceptance process. The intent of gathering this information in the camper registration and the medical form is to provide camp health care personnel with an individual’s medical history such that appropriate care may be offered. Any changes to this form must be given to the camp health care personnel upon arrival at camp. Please provide COMPLETE information so that the camp may be aware of your health needs. All information is regarded as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and will only be shared with the staff who will be working with your child and other necessary personnel (Camp Director, Nurse, Kitchen Coordinator, etc.) as appropriate.

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